Human portrait drawing powered by AI (U^2-Net)

Using the recently released U²-Net trained model, it is possible to create human portrait drawing from human photo!

In this article, I will explain how to use U²-Net on Google Colaboratory. If you don’t have any knowledge of machine learning, don’t worry. I have prepared a notebook for you to experience wonderful experience of AI. To use it, you just need to follow a few steps!

  1. Visit

2. Open notebook (File > Open notebook)

  • Select “GitHub” tab
  • Input first editbox(Enter a GitHub URL or…) to “adakoda”
  • Select “Repository” to “adakoda/U-2-Net”
  • Select notebook to “notebook/U_2_Net_demo.ipynb” and select (click line) it

3. Run all (Runtime > Run all)

  • Select “RUN ANYWAY”

The complete code for the notebook can be found in the following repository.





I love programming.

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I love programming.

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