Generative ART by AI or HUMAN?

Generated by GLIDE

The images generated by OpenAI’s GLIDE shocked me.

Let’s take a look at some of the images generated by GLIDE.

Generated by GLIDE

Unfortunately, the currently available GLIDE model can only generate images as small as 64x64. However, this constraint inspired me to give the prompt to GLIDE. That’s right. If you can only generate a small image, then you can give the small image a suitable prompt. And luckily, you can also upsample to 256x256, so you can get a bit cleaner image.

While I was excited about the grayscale image, I went on and added a prompt that would allow GLID to add colorful colors. This is the result.

Generated by GLIDE
Generated by GLIDE

Isn’t it a nice image?

Using this AI-generated image as a reference, I tried to generate the image manually using p5js.

Manual drawing with p5js

We may not have been able to generate them from nothing at all, but humans can now take inspiration from AI-generated images and generate even better ones.

The source code for p5js is available at the following site. Folk the source code and change the parameters to get different pictures, so please play around with it.




I love programming.

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I love programming.

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